Top 10 ways of decorating your cupcakes

When you see a cup cake how do you feel? Happy? Well, most people would smile when they see beautifully decorated cupcakes with decadent frosting and other goodies on top of the cake. Here are 10 ways to beautify your cupcake to make them simply irresistible!

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1. Give it an EDGE

After frosting the cupcake with your favourite buttercream, roll the edge of your cupcake in finely chopped nuts, sprinkles, coloured sugar or shredded coconuts to make the cupcake more colourful and appealing.

2.     SWIRL-ing

Use a pastry bag fitted with a star or round tip to make swirls on the cupcake. Start from the outer edge and work your way into the centre of the cupcake. Finish one layer before moving on to the nest. This produces a tier effect but be prepared to use double the amount of frosting!

3.     FLAG it

Decorate the cupcakes with flags that are store bought or make your own mini flags using toothpicks. Messages can be written onto the flags. Great way to personalize the cupcake;)

4.     PEEK-a-boo

After frosting the cupcake, sprinkle the top of the cupcake with some of the ingredients you use inside the cake. For example use the left over chocolate chips, chopped nuts or any dried fruits to let people have an idea of what they are eating.

5.     DIP it

Dip the frosted cupcake into a bowl of grated coconuts, chopped nuts, sprinkles to evenly cover the frosting.

6.     SNOW effect

A sieve would come in really handy at this point. After frosting, sprinkle powdered sugar or cocoa powder on top of the cupcake to give it an effect of snow.


Use a variety of decors and candies to create a “wow” factor. Visit your candy shop or grocery store for inspiration.


After frosting, sprinkle some clear sugar crystals or sugar crystals of the same colour over the frosting to give the frosting extra glitz.

9.     Create CURLS

Using a fruit peeler, firmly press against a bar of chocolate to create striped curls. Pile it on top of the cupcake after frosting. A toothpick would come in really handy for assembling the chocolate curls J

10.  Create an IMPRESSION

Dip a cookie cutter that is smaller than the diameter of your cupcake into melted chocolate or any type of topping that would adhere to the cookie cutter. On an unfrosted cupcake, lightly press the cookie cutter covered in goodies onto the cupcake to create an imprint. Repeat this step a few more times for a more defined outline.


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