Top 10 cupcake flavors

Having a difficult and indecisive time thinking of what kind of cake to make? Here are top 10 flavors that are popular among most people. Ps cake flavors in random order.

  1. 1.     Chocolate

Chocolate cupcakes are one of the few classic cupcakes that are still widely popular among people. Chocolate is known to make people happy when consumed and a chocolate cupcake goes great with vanilla buttercream, chocolate ganache or mocha buttercream.

  1. 2.     Vanilla

Vanilla, like chocolate cupcakes is a classic flavor and is widely popular among cake flavors. Vanilla cake has a sweet, pleasant taste to it and goes well with lemon buttercream, chocolate buttercream or practically any other types of topping like chopped nuts and fresh fruits.

  1. 3.     Red velvet

Red velvet cupcakes are big treats in miniature form. It is a perfect treat that would not leave you feeling too guilty as the smaller cupcake size acts as a good portion controller. Red velvet cake goes well with the classic cream cheese frosting. This little piece of decadence is loved among children and adults alike.

  1. 4.     Carrot cake

Carrot cake, like red velvet cake, offers a taste of indulgence and decadence without the enticement of finishing the entire cake. Carrots are one of the sweetest vegetables and even non-vegetable or non-carrot fans would fall in love with carrot cake. Carrot cake goes perfectly with cream cheese frosting.

  1. 5.     Lemon

Sinking your teeth into a lemon cupcake is totally different from eating lemon. Although lemon cupcakes still have a little tartness, it is overall sweet. The amount of sourness of the lemon can be determined by the recipe. This sweet cake with a tangy taste would be a hit among people as it is something different from the usual classics like chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

  1. 6.     Cheese cake


  1. 7.     Banana

Banana cupcakes have something comforting and nostalgic about them. Banana cupcakes taste a little like banana bread just that it has a moister texture and are used in desserts instead of banana bread. Banana cupcakes go well with chocolate frosting, whipped cream, peanut butter frosting or even banana frosting.

  1. 8.     Coffee

Coffee is a pick-me-up drink and many popular desserts like tiramisu contain coffee. Coffee has an aromatic and strong flavor which goes well with sweet desserts. Coffee cupcakes goes well with practically any type of frosting such as chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch or even raspberry.

  1. 9.     Peanut butter

This nutty, sweet and savory cake is gaining popularity among people. Peanut butter is extremely delicious and the best part is nuts are good for health! Peanut butter cupcakes are best with chocolate frosting, vanilla frosting or the famous grape jelly.

  1. 10.  Pumpkin

Pumpkin has a natural sweetness which is perfect in cakes. Like carrot cake, pumpkin cake is delicious and is great with smooth cream cheese frosting. For a change, try serving pumpkin cupcakes instead of the traditional pumpkin pie.


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