Tips on making Macarons

Macarons are sweet, meringue-based French confection made from egg whites, icing sugar, food colouring and ground almonds. Macarons are commonly mixed up with macaroons. Macaroons are light, baked confections that are like a small cake or a meringue-like cookie.

Macarons are challenging to make as only egg whites can be added to the batter and is the batter is under or over-beaten, it would affect the outcome of the macarons. Here are some tips on how to make the perfect macaron!

  1. Sift ground almonds, retaining only the very fine pieces that manage to go through the sieve.
  2. Egg whites used should be at room temperature so that fluffy, stiff peaks can be formed.
  3. Food colouring added should produce a colour two shades darker than the colour you want as baking usually lightens the colour of the macaron shells.
  4. Mix the grounded almond with the meringue until the ground almonds are incorporated evenly and no bumps are present in the mixture. It is better to mix the mixture by hand instead of an electric whisk. The resultant mixture should be viscious (Something like the molten lava). A perfect macaron should have ridges around the edge of the macaron shell.

            OVERMIXING: over mixing the flour and egg mixture produces a flat macaron without any ridges around the edge of the macaron shell.

UNDERMIXING: under mixing the flour and egg mixture would form cracks on the top of the macaron shell when baking.

 5. Use parchment paper instead of greasing the baking pan as adding fat(butter) would cause the meringue to not be able to rise nicely.

6. After piping, remember to bang the tray to release any air bubbles present in the meringue. Also, let the piped meringue sit out for 30 minutes to allow the macaron to dry out a little. This allows the ridges to form around the macaron shell.

7. When baking the macaron shells, do not open the oven door to swap the position of the baking trays as this would prevent the macaron shells from baking evenly.

If you follow these tips, your macarons should turn out perfect and very pretty 🙂

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