Cupcakes Vs Muffins

Some people do not know how to differentiate between a cupcake and a muffin so read on to clear this misconception!

cupcake Vs muffin

Muffins tend to be more commonly seen on breakfast tables as some muffins could contain nuts, bran, oats or fruit. Cupcakes on the other hand are more decadent and tend to look more attractive than the plain muffin. Cupcakes usually have frosting on them and people nowadays tend to use cupcakes to substitute birthday cakes as cupcakes offer a more convenient way of eating cake and are cute 🙂

Cupcakes also tend to have higher calories compared to muffins due to the frosting on the cupcake and also some cupcakes have additional goodies such as sweets and marshmallows on them.

Cupcakes also tend to be more expensive compared to muffins as the frosting on the cupcake adds an additional cost for the baker. The details that needs to be put into making a cupcake is also more compared to a muffin so more time is spend perfecting the appearance of the cupcake. Cupcakes inevitably look more pleasing and attractive compared to the muffin which is plain.

However, overall both the cupcake and muffins are delicious and are about the same thing except that the cupcake has frosting that is absent in muffins. Cupcakes also look more presentable and tend to bring smiles onto people’s faces due to its more attractive display and presentation. At Cup.Cakes Singapore, we offer a variety of cupcakes at an affordable price. Place your orders and try some today!


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