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Eating Right For Your Blood Type| The Blood Type Diet

Different people have different blood types and thus require different nutrients! What is your blood type? Blood Type A: Vegetarianism would be a great diet for this group of people. It is recommended that this group stick to more carbohydrates and less meat as their stomachs produce the least acid hence making meat digestion and […]

Easter Special

Easter is just around the corner! Have you gotten your Easter eggs yet? Select from the cute, colourful selection we have here 🙂 Design 1: “Find me” Pull-A -Part Cake Design 2: The Cross Design 3: Nest of Eggs Design 4: Pastel Eggs Design 5: Bunny Rabbit Easter Bunny chocolates are also available!

Special Cafés In Seoul To Visit | Unique Cafés in Seoul

Cafés today are widely seen in the food scene and if you are looking for some cafés that offer a unique experience, here is a guide for you! Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul 358-112 Seogyo Tel: +82 2 334 6570 Daily: 11am – 12midnight Nearest Station: Hongik University In this Hello Kitty Cafe, everywhere you look, […]

Must Visit Cafés in Seoul| Eating in Seoul on a Budget

Need to live on a budget in Korea? Well, here is how you can do it without having to starve yourself 🙂 Free Coffee Refills Hongdae– “the Famous Lamb” Open: 8:00AM – 11:00PM (Sunday’s open at 10:00AM) Address: 서울시 마포구 동교동 203-30 (Seoul, Mapo-gu, Donggyo-dong 203-30) In Donggyo-dong (few blocks down exit #1), there’s a […]

Asian Mangoes | Mango Facts

Mangoes are juicy, sweet and fragrant. The perfect fruit for a hot day! Mangoes are great on its own or can be used in cooking or desserts. Here are some tips and types of mangoes this season!   How to choose mangoes Choose mangoes that are slightly underripe (greenish yellow)   How to store mangoes […]

All about Cakes

Cheese cake, angel food cake, Devil’s food cake, chiffon cake … … There are so MANY variety of cakes out there in the market that sometimes we get lost just by looking at it. Different cakes have different taste and textures and this is due to the difference in composition of flour and eggs. But […]