What Makes A Good Cupcake?

Making cupcakes are actually quite easy BUT why is it that some cupcakes taste nicer than others? Well, of course the quality of ingredients used greatly affects the taste and texture of the cupcake but another important aspect is the cake making procedure.

Firstly, lets talk about the ingredient.

Ingredients make up the cupcakes and the quality of the ingredients would drastically impact the quality and taste of the cupcakes. Ingredients used should be of the freshest quality to ensure that the cupcakes made are tasty and for the texture of the cake to be good. Some people like their cupcake moist while others like it to be a little hard. What factors impact the texture (or velvetiness-softness of the cake when touched) of the cupcake? Here are some factors that influence the overall texture:

  • Amount of sugar and butter used– affects the moistness of the cake
  • Amount of flour and egg used-gives the cupcake its structure so that the cupcake is able to maintain its shape
  • Type of flour used– use either self-raising flour or all purpose flour for better results
  • Baking time-
  • Temperature of the oven– cupcakes baked at lower temperatures are coarser and less velvety as the batter is unable to produce enough gas to make the cake light and soft within the time frame.
  • Addition of baking powder- baking power release gas which affects the velvetiness of the cake
  • Size of cupcake tin
  • Gradient of the sides of the cupcake tin– straighter sides result in a better textured cupcake

The creaming method is an important procedure whereby the sugar and butter are beaten together till they are light and fluffy. The butter and sugar are the “fats” of the cupcake which affects the moistness of the cupcake made. Here at Cup.Cakes Singapore, we ensure that the ingredients to be used are at their “optimum” level for the best quality cupcakes to be produced for you 🙂

Before creaming

before creaming

Final product after creaming

after creaming copy

A good cupcake should not be crumbly or powdery. Instead, it should be fine and even grained. Cup.Cakes Singapore strives to produce the finest quality cupcakes at a really affordable price for your enjoyment.

Look out for future blog post by Cup.Cakes Singapore on how to substitute ingredients in cupcakes but still achieving an overall acceptable and delicious cupcake 😉

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