Ice Cream Cone Cake Singapore | A Twist To An Ice Cream Cone

This month’s special is really something a little more out of the ordinary! Its an ice cream cone cake! “So what is that?”-you may be wondering. Tadah!! Doesn’t it look like an ice cream at first sight? Well, its actually a cake pop filled with lots of delicious sweets that you like! You can customise […]

Top 10 Interesting Easter DIY Treats | Easy To Do Easter Treats

Want to make something cute for this coming Easter? Well, we have some ideas for you that will spice up your Easter parties! 1. Easter Bunny Macarons Make some macarons in the shape of bunnies in the spirit of Easter! Fill them up with any fillings you desire- marshmallow fillings, Nutella, buttercream… 2. Deviled Egg […]

The One Thing You Need To Know To Make The Best Molten Cake

Do you get disappointed when you make a molten cake and it doesn’t flow the way you like it to? Fret not, as we have the answer for you! The perfect molten lava cake has a solid outer part, while the inner portions remain a liquid. When the cake is cut open, the inner liquid flows out resembling […]

How To Have A Great Party Without Exhausting Yourself | Tips And Tricks For A Fantastic Gathering

Following up on the previous post on “How To Have A Great Party!“, it is also crucial that you are not overly exhausted in all the planning and organising that you are too tired to fully enjoy yourself at your very own party. So today, we will be sharing on how you can have a […]

Nutty-La Cookies- CNY 2016 Cookie Special Singapore

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and so its time to stock up on your festive cookies and tidbits to welcome your family and friends when they come over to visit! This year, we are starting the year off on a sweet note by introducing our Nutella cookies- Nutty-La! A buttery crust encased […]

How To Have A Great Party!

Planning for a party to celebrate the new year? Here are some ways to have a fantastic party for both your guest and yourself. Here are 10 quick tips to follow to have a great party! Planning the guest list Remove the need to follow a schedule Plan out some activities for the party Serve […]

Ushering in the New Year! | S’mores Cookies & Raisin Cornflake Cookies Singapore

So, 2016 is about to come and you need some cookies to entertain your guest when they come over to party? These cookies look really pretty on its own and plate them up with some nice kitchen ware and tadah! You can create your own tea party in the comfort of your own home! You […]