What To Do In Nantou & Cing Jing|Exploring Taiwan

Planning a trip away with your other half? Cingjing is famed for being a lovers’ getaway! Here are some places you can visit on your trip to taiwan! 1. The Small Swiss Garden (清境小瑞士花園) Address: 546, Taiwan, Nantou County, Ren’ai Township, 定遠新村28號 Open daily from 8am till 10pm. Admire flowers and take a relaxing walk in the […]

What To Do In Tai Chung Itinerary| Explore Taiwan

1. Ladybug Organic farm, 小瓢虫有机农场 Address: 台中縣東勢鎮茂興里東蘭路198號 This is an organic farm where people are able to pluck off sweet mandarines off the trees, pluck peppers and carrots out of the soil. A fun farm experience for the family! 2. Sweet Charm Farm Winery (石围墙酒庄) A short distance away from the Ladybug organic farm is this winery. […]

How To Decorate A Cake For Beginners | Easy Cake Decoration Methods

A cake can be decorated in many ways. Some of it is easier than others. In this post, we will be sharing some cake decorating ideas and you can choose which one suits you and apply it onto your cake! 1. Buttercream One of the most common cake decorating methods is using buttercream! To make […]

Father’s Day Cakes & Cupcakes Singapore | Celebrating Father’s Day

Fathers sometimes may not express their love for us just as mothers do but we know deep down that they too also love us. Its the time of the year again to celebrate the blessing of having our dads with us! Do something special this Father’s Day by customising a cake for your papa or […]

Same Day Cake Delivery Singapore| Same Day Birthday Cupcake Delivery Singapore

Having a celebration should not be a stressful event but if you are in need of a cake now or have forgotten to place a cake order for an upcoming event and don’t know where to start finding for the cake, we have the perfect solution for you! Choose the type of cupcakes and cakes […]

How To Get A Vintage Colour Palette Fondant| Dying Fondant

Vintage colour palette for fondant made goods can look really pretty and elegant. Here are some tips on how you can create a vintage colour palette fondant! 1. Begin a base colour When creating a vintage colour palette,  colour all of the fondant that you will be using a base colour of ivory. Tinting the fondant a […]

Natural Food Colouring For Cakes| No Preservatives Food colouring

Food colouring can be quite harmful to the body and thus, some people would prefer to use natural food colouring to colour their bakes! Read on to find out how to colour your cakes using some of nature’s best produce! To get: Red- Raspberries, Beetroot, Promegranate Pink- Beetroot (lower the amount put into the cake […]