What should I frost?

The frosting on a cupcake is one of the things that would attract you into eating a cupcake but have you ever got a problem in deciding what flavor of frosting to put onto a cupcake? Here are some suggestions! Cake flavor Frosting flavor Chocolate Chocolate buttercream Chocolate Mint buttercream Vanilla buttercream Maple frosting Maple […]

Great places to find cupcakes

Cupcake shops have been springing up in Singapore and more people are into buying cupcakes to replace the traditional birthday cakes. Cupcakes are not only cute and pleasing to look at; they also taste great! Here are a few recommendations to find cupcakes in Singapore.   Plain Vanilla Bakery 1 piece- $3.50; 6 pieces- $19 […]

How to store cupcakes?

Baking has always been fun and enjoyable but very frequently, we bake in large batches and end up having a lot of cake left. How then can we store and prevent these leftovers from turning stale? Here are a few simple ways to keep your cupcakes fresh! UNFROSTED cupcakes Unfrosted cupcakes can be kept at […]

Top 10 cupcake flavors

Having a difficult and indecisive time thinking of what kind of cake to make? Here are top 10 flavors that are popular among most people. Ps cake flavors in random order. 1.     Chocolate Chocolate cupcakes are one of the few classic cupcakes that are still widely popular among people. Chocolate is known to make people […]

Father’s Day 2013

Celebrating DAD Celebrate this Father’s Day by presenting Dad a delicious and decadent box of cupcakes from Cup.Cakes Singapore! Try out our special flavors which would surely be a delight to Dad Coffee lover Classic tiramisu cupcake with Italian mascarpone frosting Decadence Chocolate and baileys cupcake with baileys buttercream frosting Health junkie Classic vanilla cupcake […]

Little things that count :)

Have you ever come across a recipe and think to yourself why is there a need to add that particular ingredient into the batter? Well, in this post we would look at two ingredients that may look insignificant but greatly enhance the flavor of the final product- in this case, we are talking about baked […]