Father’s Day 2013

Celebrating DAD Celebrate this Father’s Day by presenting Dad a delicious and decadent box of cupcakes from Cup.Cakes Singapore! Try out our special flavors which would surely be a delight to Dad Coffee lover Classic tiramisu cupcake with Italian mascarpone frosting Decadence Chocolate and baileys cupcake with baileys buttercream frosting Health junkie Classic vanilla cupcake […]

Little things that count :)

Have you ever come across a recipe and think to yourself why is there a need to add that particular ingredient into the batter? Well, in this post we would look at two ingredients that may look insignificant but greatly enhance the flavor of the final product- in this case, we are talking about baked […]

What Makes A Good Cupcake?

Making cupcakes are actually quite easy BUT why is it that some cupcakes taste nicer than others? Well, of course the quality of ingredients used greatly affects the taste and texture of the cupcake but another important aspect is the cake making procedure. Firstly, lets talk about the ingredient. Ingredients make up the cupcakes and […]