Mother’s Day 2018 Cakes and Cupcakes Singapore | Celebrating Moms

Looking for something beautiful, useful and delightful for the very special woman in your life- your Mom? Here are some sweet treats that you can delight her with on this special day as a form of gratitude to her love, care and concern towards you all these years 🙂 From our cupcake selection: Design 1: Pretty in […]

Breakfast and Healthy Snack Ideas On The Go

Looking for something healthy to kick start your day or to munch at work/ school? Here are a few simple to prepare healthy snack/ breakfast ideas that would give you an energy boost! 1. Banana Milkshakes Blend half a frozen banana with half cup of milk and there you have a simple breakfast treat that is naturally sweet […]

Eating Right For Your Blood Type| The Blood Type Diet

Different people have different blood types and thus require different nutrients! What is your blood type? Blood Type A: Vegetarianism would be a great diet for this group of people. It is recommended that this group stick to more carbohydrates and less meat as their stomachs produce the least acid hence making meat digestion and […]

Chinese New Year Cookies 2017

Delicious treats to bring in the new year! This year, we concentrate more on our best sellers and also introduce some brand new cookie flavours! Browse through and pick your favourite few! Peanut Cookies-Bestseller! Melt in your mouth peanut cookies Made from 100% peanuts with no additives and preservatives Earl Grey Meltz Cookies-Bestseller! Melt in your […]

CNY 2017 Cookies and Cupcakes Singapore| Year Of The Chicken

Usher in 2017 with our delightful range of yummy treats for your loved ones and friends when they come over for house visiting! Choices range from cookies to yummy shot treats to delight everyone of your guest- young and the young at heart. Cornflake Raisin Cookies Chocolate Rainbow Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies Peanut Cookies Durian […]