Alternatives to heavy whipping cream

Heavy whipping cream is a commonly found ingredient in most desserts, soups, sauces and pasta. Heavy whipping cream is a high-butterfat liquid that is skimmed off milk during the homogenization process. This fatty layer contains about 40 percent of fat and don’t you even think about the amount of calories found inside heavy whipping cream!

Heavy whipping cream is high in saturated fats and calories and thus BAD for your health. So, what are the alternatives to this fatty ingredient?

1.       Low fat milk

Using a hand-held mixer, you can froth up milk. As the fat content in low fat milk is a lot lesser than heavy cream, the frothed milk would be slightly bubbly and not as thick as heavy cream. However, think of the amount of fats and calories that you would be able to reduce 😉


If the milk does not froth, microwave it until it simmers before trying to froth it again. Another point to note is that frothed milk does not stay firm for longer than 30 minutes so it is advisable for you to just spoon up the frothed portion instead of pouring the milk.


2.       Low-fat cream cheese

Heavy whipping cream helps to give a full-bodied flavor when added to soups and pastas but it adds unnecessary calories. For a similar consistency, use cream cheese but reduce the required amount for the whipping cream by half when substituting with cream cheese.


3.       Milk, Flour and Cornstarch

If you do not want to the cream cheese to thicken your food, mix 1 table spoon of corn starch with one table spoon of milk or water and mix well before pouring into the soup or pasta. This works well if you do not want the taste of cream cheese. Only use this if the heavy cream is used as a thickening agent!


4. Chilled Evaporated milk

To substitute one cup (250ml) of heavy whipping cream:

Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to 375ml of chilled evaporated milk (chilled for at least 12 hours) before beating it.


5. Butter and milk

To substitute one cup (250ml) of heavy whipping cream:

Mix together 80g (1/3 cup) of butter and 175ml (3/4 cup) of milk until you reach the consistency you desire.


 6.       Light whipping cream

Although light whipping cream is also high in fat, the fat content is about 10% lesser than in heavy whipping cream.


I hope that this list of substitutes for heavy cream would be useful to you and you can now better enjoy but lessen the guilt of over-consuming calories 😉


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